Timberland US

No matter if you are an outdoor enthusiast or a fashion devotee or just simply curious, your choices are diverse within the timberland family.

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A Timberland Growth Mindset

At Timberland we pride ourselves on stepping outside, to work hard together and move the world forward. Are you ready to join?

Commitment & benefits


A diversity of sharp minds provides the spark to innovation. We encourage our teams to work with an inclusive and global mindset because our differences are what make us better together. And we’re working to ensure that the teams powering our brand reflect the diversity of the consumers we serve.

Flexible Work Environment

Work doesn't have to be your life. We believe that time spent outside of work should relax and re-energize you, and we provide paid time off to do just that. It's important for you to go on vacation or take care of personal business. Additionally, we offer a modified work week to provide the opportunity for early departures on Fridays, year-round. We also value your taking time to volunteer, which is why we offer employees up to 40 hours of paid time off to serve in the community. This includes global service events such as Serv-a-palooza and Earth Day.

Health and Wellness

We continually strive to improve employee health status. We offer comprehensive overall health insurance benefits and employee assistance resources to encourage employees and their families to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


We work to build our community beyond the office. Through support of continuous education, in-house learning opportunities and a promote-from-within philosophy, we want to see you grow professionally.

Financial Well Being

These days, it's hard to stretch your paycheck as far as you'd like. In addition to retirement and savings programs, which are appropriate for the local country and integrated with any social insurance system, most employees are eligible for an annual bonus. Also, all employees receive Timberland® footwear, apparel or accessories at a generous discount.